2022 MASONIC YEAR OF DOOM – KGC and Ku Klux Klan

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2022 will be a difficult year for the whole world . The events we live and will experience are determined by top designers. I can say that they were prepared for this year 10 years ago. If you search for it, you can see that there is a mysterious sign everywhere. There is a plan within a plan , a game within a game , a ritual within a ritual . As I mentioned in the title of the video, this year is the year of the masonic apocalypse. The disasters they have prepared for humanity are now on the countdown. We are in the last year before everything changes. That’s why they encoded the dates November 19 and December 4, 2021. They were the last eclipses before 2022 and the eclipses that will determine the fate of 2022.

While preparing this video, I will benefit from the 1st episode of the Codes & Conspiracies documentary, Season 1 Masons. In this documentary they share some information that is not available anywhere because . I cannot share the documentary due to copyright, but I will quote some parts of it myself.

The documentary tells about the architectural structures in Washington, the past of the masons, the hidden treasures in Washington, the congress building, most importantly the mystery of the Washington monument, namely 2022 is the year of the apocalypse. He also talks about the prophecy of an asteroid hitting the earth.

It was telling that Albert Pike, the most important mason master of the time, had undertaken the task of burying the hidden treasures of the knights of the golden circle. Warren Getler asked why the Confederacy, which lost in the Civil War, did not make an uprising again using these treasures, and in response he said that it was kept waiting for the day when a new civilization would be established after the apocalypse that would take place in the future.

William Henry tells the story “In 1777, George Washington met an angel at Valley Forge. The angel shows him the fate of the United States, how it survived the revolution, and then there would be a civil war. But then the USA will experience its greatest war, perhaps the final battle between good and evil. ‘

Edward McKinney combined the Great Pyramid and the Washington Monument to create a calendar. Each digit in the timeline represents a year.

“The Great Pyramid needs to be combined with the Washington Monument so that a complete diagram emerges and we see the timeline emerge.

When the two monuments are stacked on top of each other , the countdown starts in 1473 AD . The year the last remnant of the Eastern Roman empire was destroyed forever. As the timeline advances, the top of the great pyramid marks the year 1991, the collapse of communism.

“We are advancing to the pyramid on the obelisk, it shows the last days leading up to the apocalypse. It moves quickly and for some reason this pyramid has a dramatic angle . ”

The base of the pyramid at the end of the obelisk shows the year 2009 and has 13 layers.

13 means 2022 according to the masonic timeline this is the end of time , the apocalypse . The year 2022 marks the doomsday.

Polaris astrology school instructor Ekrem Ok calculated the score for the next few years using Henri Gouchon’s method, the planet index method. With this method, which is found by calculating the degree distances between the planets, the lower the index score, the higher the difficulty level will be. The planet index score of 2022 is 498, which means that it will be a much more difficult year than other years. When Ekrem Hodja calculates the planet index score for 2025 according to this method, the index score of 2025 stands out as 666. He has already stated this situation by saying, “Someone” may have interesting plans for the year 2025..! It becomes clear once again what an important master the late Aytunç Altındal was.

On Twitter, Pink Astrology detailed Henry Gouchon’s method. We can see that the index score has decreased from 2018 to 2021. This index score reaches the lowest number in 2022. It continues to rise again after 2022.

The masonic apocalypse mentioned in the Codes & Conspiracies documentary does indeed exist. In February this year, the US is making its pluto return. In other words, Pluto returns to its position when the USA was founded. Pluto represents death and rebirth. In this documentary he shows masons reenacting death and rebirth during initiation ceremonies . In the Scottish ritual mason tradition, they say that out of chaos comes order. They mention that the knights of the golden circle will extract their treasures for the construction of a new civilization after the disaster. There is talk of an asteroid hitting the earth, and 2022 is shown to be the apocalyptic year.

Everything mentioned in the documentary has a counterpart. Every word means something. They are telling things indirectly. The phrase ‘order comes from chaos in the Scottish rite’ appears in the US today as Build Back Better. So the slogan ‘build better’ is the same as the scottish rite of Ordo Ab Chao – Order arises from chaos.

The US will build better, but first it must survive the apocalypse. They talk about treasures hidden under the Washington monument and in the city of washington. KGC – They’re talking about the knights of the golden circle. The Economist had hidden the KGC’s logo on its 2022 annual cover. He carried the Ku Klux Klan, the sequel to KGC, to the covers of many magazines. KGC – Knights of the Golden Circle were on the side of the confederation in the civil war and were associated with the Scottish Rite Masons. In fact, I think they were Scottish Riti Masons. It was a secret society that helped organize for the confederation in the Civil War. After the civil war, KGC members formed the Ku klux clan. KGC and Ku Klux clan members were racist communities. The question of whether the USA is going to a civil war comes to mind. Rand had written an article about it. On January 5, Brookings published an article in which he evaluated right-wing threats as it was a year after the events of January 6 congress. Brookings has an episode of Order from chaos. Ordo Ab Chao – Order from Chaos – Out of chaos comes order. The Economist shared the funny posts of 2021 under the title of the best memes of 2021. He chose an image referring to the movie Forrest Gump as the main image on his Twitter and website. This was due to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the ku klux clan. I think we may see racist incidents in the USA in 2022, the Ku Klux Klan may come onto the scene.

Will the work of truly rebuilding the Masonic post-apocalyptic USA be done with the hidden gold of the KGC? As someone who misinterpreted the passwords of June 10 and November 19, I can say that this is a metaphor. In other words, like the pale horse symbolism of the apocalypse we are in, the masonic apocalypse will not manifest itself but secretly. Look carefully at The Economist’s cover of The next catastrophe, because the masonic apocalypse is completely hidden in that painting. Global hyperinflation , the Paris Agreement that forces states to reduce carbon with the lie of climate change , I am thinking of making a video about the asteroid , doomsday hour , 3 birds symbolizes 3 superpowers, in my opinion the bird falling down is the USA . new viruses and variants , one world religion and the global energy crisis . I’m also thinking of making a video about the global energy crisis.



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