21 EMP Attack on USA on February 22, 2022 USA Will Lose Electricity

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Last year, I published many videos that I worked on, but even though I was wrong in the date predictions, an event that will happen, the USA will lose their electricity, will happen in 2022. I followed the signs they left and I first thought that this event would happen on June 10 and then November 19. They are masters at ‘hiding in the open’, what I failed to realize was that one clue would lead to another. Briefly, I need to talk about the dates of 10 June and 19 November. On June 10, 1752, Benjamin Franklin was the date of the kite experiment in which he described the nature of electricity, which led Masons to give him the title of ‘inventor of electricity’. The Economist shared two symbols related to the USA on its 2021 annual cover. There were 16 symbols on the slot machine. The 6th symbol was Biden – the 10th symbol was something with the US flag split in half with an electric symbol in between. Time Magazine also published a cover 911 days before June 10, 2021. This cover read ‘The next American Revolution’. Blade Runner 2049 film showed the date of June 10 with the text 6.10.21 .
The date of November 19 was a date with much more findings. I found the dates November 19 and December 4 under every stone. This meant nothing more than ‘we will realize the masonic apocalypse’ after these two eclipses. The symbolism of skull and bones, 322nd day of the year, was the founding date of the Knights Templar in 1119 according to the writing of history. The most important signs about November 19 that the USA will lose its electricity came from The Economist . The Economist published the scenario that the USA would lose its electricity 4 years 4 months 4 days before November 19 . 7777 days before November 19th, he published a cover titled The Electric Revolution.
I am certain that the USA will lose their electricity . And again there are dates I found. I can’t stop trying to find this date because I know that they devise and implement a plan day by day. Being wrong does not prevent me from doing this because I am not doing this to say ‘I knew’ when I am doing this job. I do this to say ‘they did it’. So it will be easier to cause awakenings in the world and to show people that there are plan makers in the world . Before I explain why I think this event will take place on February 21 – 22, I would like to say this. Blade Runner 2049 film drew attention to June 10, 2022 Blackout, the anime film of Blade Runner, I think clearly shows that this event will take place in 2022. Even if I am wrong on the dates I find, I will not stop trying to find the truth. As they say, the defeated wrestler can’t get enough of wrestling.
In January last year, I posted a video where I predicted that the US would go to civil war on February 22, 2022. The scenario in my mind was that the electricity would be cut off in the USA on June 10, this would cause massive uprisings and these events would drag the USA into a civil war. After the video about February 22, 2022, which I published in January, the views on my YouTube channel decreased. Because YouTube canceled my channel’s recommendations. This was censorship. My youtube channel was only coming from youtube searches, google searches etc.
Since I was exposed to this censorship, I thought the scenario in my mind was real and I posted 10 Harizan related videos. This did not happen on June 10, but I got very valuable information. Some time after June 10, I asked myself ‘why not November 19?’ I started searching for the date of November 19th and I really found something everywhere. There were secret signs showing this date 10 years ago. but this event did not happen on 19 November . I came across as many signs about the date of December 4 as I found about the date of November 19 . But I solved the case, I said to myself that nothing will happen on December 4th. After the lunar and solar eclipses on November 19 and December 4, this event and other events would occur. Because 2022 was a year determined by the Masons as the apocalypse. Lunar and solar eclipses were masonic apron symbolism. I went back to the beginning again on February 22, 2022. The pluto return of the USA is happening because pluto is associated with death and rebirth . It will portray death and rebirth in the USA, just as the Masons exhibited birth, death, and rebirth for their new members. Pluto is already a planet associated with secret organizations. Death and rebirth.
The Washington Monument began construction in 1848 and was completed in 1888 . The Washington monument coding 2022 as the year of the apocalypse was built much earlier than pluto, which is said to have been discovered in 1930. Do Masons hide their information from us? Dan Brown linked the events to the Washington Monument in his book on the lost symbols. Yes, something is hidden in that monument, 2022 apocalypse. And I think it will happen at the time of the US return to Pluto. There is no better day to reenact death and rebirth . February 21 is Presidents Day and February 22 is George Washington’s birthday.

. The apotheosis of George Washington is depicted on the ceiling in the US Congress building. There is a section in the Capitol building called Washington’s tomb, his tomb is not there. Because the symbolism of death and rebirth, i.e. deification, was used. On Washington’s birthday February 22, 2022, the death and rebirth of the United States can be reenacted. And then, according to them, the ritual of ‘deification’ will take place. February 21 death February 22 rebirth of Washington. They will be reborn on the founding father’s birthday. They were touting Benjamin Franklin, another founding father, as the discoverer of electricity. On February 21, Benjamin Franklin will be commemorated. Because, according to the Masons, he discovered electricity.
The Economist actually shared these dates with us on its 2022 annual cover. It can also be seen very easily. February 21 – 22 – 23 .
The movie Back to the Future gave the code for the September 11 attacks with the text Twin Pine – Twin pines and the numbers 911. In fact, he also drew attention to a new 911 related to Electricity. The movie immediately began by showing pictures of Benjamin Franklin and Edison in its first scene. The message of protect the clock tower was always given in the movie. It was constantly being repeated that lightning struck the clock tower. And in one scene, they were showing the numbers 911 after lightning struck the clock tower. In other words, electricity will be the new September 11 of the USA. The clock tower, which they say protect the clock tower, is nothing but Indipendce Hall, where the USA’s declaration of independence was written. Indipendence Hall was the site that initiated the birth of the United States with the declaration of independence written on July 4, 1776. Protect the clock tower means protect independence danger is coming . It was also reporting the approach of the US’s pluto return, which took place at that sunrise in 1776.
The US banknote issued with the highest value is $100 . For over $100 we can see Benjamin Franklin and on the other side Indipence Hall. Aytunç said that the clock on the indipence hall on the gold dollar was 20 past 2, but the message here was that the hour and minute hands on the clock were above 2 and 4, which symbolized Benjamin Franklin’s 24th Masonic lodge because he was a member. What our teacher Aytunç Altındal said is of course true. But could it really be 21 past 2 o’clock? We no longer see this on the new US $100s because the numbers on the watch have been changed. Above 6 and 11 o’clock this is also an inverted 911 symbolism.
In the animated film I pet goat, which contains secret messages, it was hidden with symbols that there would be a power cut after the Lotus flower, that is, Kamala. Torn USA flag and Electricity symbol on the wall . But there is a clock behind and it is exactly 12 . So it’s midnight, so the time is up. Doomsday hours are over. But the structure of the clock tower is somewhat similar to the Washington Monument. Newsweek, which secretly gave the date when the twin towers would be demolished before they were built, published an article on February 21, 2021, in which it made suggestions for the times without electricity. Isn’t it interesting that this news was published exactly one year before February 21, 2022?
Could the Simpsons have hidden the date of February 21st? Recently, there has been news that there is a London-based company that will reward those who find the Simpson prophecies. Other media outlets are also making useless news with the headlines of simpson prophecies . The Simpsons aired an episode 3333 days before February 21, 2022. In that episode, Homer meets a group and gets to know beforehand. He was reading books about the apocalypse and making preparations for difficult days. EMP occurred in the section and Springfield was left without electricity.
The movie called The 5th Wave was about viruses and turmoil. The thing that started the events in this movie was the power cut as a result of EMP.

Again, I could be wrong, but when the USA returns to Pluto, the hours of the apocalypse are full, I think they will experience the electric apocalypse at this time, and I think that the retro planets will repeat this event on November 19, 2022. In fact, the planets will not do anything, others will. I think this is one of the reasons why they symbolized November 19, 2021. 1119 The Knights Templar and the 322nd day of the year 19 November – Skull and Bones .
There are two movies called 2:22, I think they symbolize the date of February 22.
The Economist clearly showed the dates 21 – 22 – 23 February on its annual cover of 2022 . At the same time, the number of subscribers of YouTube channels is 2.22 million. The channel cover photo has $100 shopped. If Benjamin Franklin had one eye closed and were looking at the dollar as Aytunç Altındal mentioned, the clock on the other side of the coin would appear above Franklin’s eye.


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