Can the false messiah, the false antichrist, appear after December 4?

Can the false messiah, the false antichrist, appear after December 4?

Is Dajjal in the world? Today, the belief that the apocalypse has come is ingrained in the minds. Masonic formations, which manipulate all kinds of religious beliefs and bring the expectation of the Messiah-Mahdi to mind, have succeeded in realizing the portents of doomsday in almost all religions today. They carried out the written signs of religions one by one, and humanity was made to believe that it was close to the apocalypse. The administrators of the system, which has sects among all religions and do not believe in any religion, will soon reveal the false Messiah – false Antichrist project. Realizing what is written in the holy books, especially in the book of revelation of the Bible, has become the goal of masonic structures. There have been years of work on the millennial philosophy behind the war of Jesus Christ and the Antichrist. The real reason why they carry out the signs in the holy books is precisely to bring this apocalypse artificially. They place the prophecies of the bible in the book of revelation next to their own occult and esoteric beliefs, and they include it in their rituals. The millenarian philosophy is based on the Bible’s book of Revelation. It is written that that old snake called Iblis or Satan was tied for a thousand years and should be released shortly after the millennium has passed.

For a better understanding, we need to look at verse 20 of the book of Revelation;

Then I saw an angel come down from the sky. In his hand was the key of the abysmal depths and a great chain. The angel caught the dragon – that ancient serpent called Iblis or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. He threw it into the abyss, shut it up, and sealed the entrance, so that it would not deceive the nations again until the thousand years were complete. It needs to be released for a short time after a thousand years have passed. I saw some thrones and those sitting on them. They were given jurisdiction. I have seen the souls of those beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and the word of God. These were the ones who did not worship the beast and its statue , and did not have his mark on their foreheads and hands . They were all resurrected and ruled with Christ for a thousand years. This is the first resurrection. The rest of the dead were not resurrected until the millennium was complete. Happy and holy are those involved in the first resurrection. The second death has no authority over them. They will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with Him for a thousand years.

The events described in the book of Revelation bear similarities to what we experience today. The chains and seals to which the demon brought before us by Masonic structures must have been opened, as the fake pandemic was launched in 2020, based on this narrative in the 20th verse of the book of Revelation. The souls beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and the word of God were those who did not worship the beast and its statue, and did not receive his mark on their foreheads and hands. Those who do not receive signs on their foreheads and hands, those who do not worship the beast and its statue, those who do not have a vaccine, those who do not wear the ID2020 project’s chip, Neurolink, and those who do not worship the beast. Somehow, what is described in the book of Revelation is ritually practiced on earth.

At the beginning of the millennium, perhaps the only ones actively operating in the belief that the Messiah and the Antichrist would come to earth were masonic structures. Because they had done lab work to create a Christ figure in 2000. For example, why was Dolly, the first animal to be cloned, born on July 5, 1996, a sheep? Could it be because Jesus Christ was called a lamb? Was this a message for the Messiah project? It was mentioned in the movies that a Messiah or the Antichrist would be born before the year 2000 was entered. Show us that you have such a purpose with a few movies and TV series laboratory processes . Before addressing these, the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francesco, said in 2017 that the devil is in the world as a real person. This was actually a very important statement. Because every word said by the Leader of the Catholic Church, which has 1.2 billion members, is accepted as true for Catholics.

Pope Francis said the following on the Catholic Church’s television channel TV2000.

“The devil is evil. It’s not like the fog in Milan. It is not something that spreads, it is a person. I want to say one thing that I am absolutely sure of : You cannot have a dialogue with the devil . If you engage in dialogue with Satan, you will be lost. He is smarter than us. It will turn you upside down, dizzy and lost.”

So, on the question of whether you are saying that the devil has a name and surname, the Pope replied, “Yes, I am sure”. The Pope also said that the devil entered people’s minds by being kind. “If you don’t realize what’s going on in time, it will end badly,” he said. He implied the year 2000 on the TV2000 channel as the birth date of the devil.

In late 1999, the movie End Of Days, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was released in the United States on November 24, 1999. The reason for the release of the movie on this date is that on December 28, 1999, the devil came to the world and tried to impregnate a young girl. Thus, the antichrist will be born in the new millennium.

In addition to the message of the birth of the antichrist at the beginning of the millennium, the film wants us to reach the word Christ in New York by making the young girl’s name as Christine York.

İn the film Babylon A.D is about a young girl who was born in a Monastery in and has never been outside, who is the product of biological experiment, and who has extraordinary features, goes to New York. When the young girl went to New York, she said that she was pregnant without any intervention and the babies were twins. An influential woman, who was the owner of a famous biology company and was also the High Priestess of the cult they founded, was leading this Messiah-Antichrist project. The name of the young girl Aurora was deliberately chosen because the gematria number value is 412, Aurora | It’s God Code – its god code |Gods Birth Code – Gods birth code |Decode A Human God – Deciphering a human god | End Of The Earth – The end of the world | Gematria Code Of God – God’s gematria code | False Christ – Matches the words False Christ. The movie was released 13 years and 3 months before the date of November 19, 2021, which I mentioned in my previous video.

Zero Hour, which consists of 13 episodes in total, published in 2013, starts with the codes inside the clocks and brings the subject to the cross where Jesus was hanged. The Rosicrucian Organization, who wants to protect their sacred relics, and a high priestess, as well as a woman who is doing biological experiments, are trying to bring the Messiah – Antichrist into the world. The woman wants to impregnate the innocent girls she keeps in a Monastery in Tajikistan with the DNA taken from the blood of Jesus on the cross and bring Jesus back to the world. After one of the girls becomes pregnant, the woman becomes pregnant with the DNA of Jesus. This series also depicts the Christ and the Antichrist with the symbolism of two babies.

It’s like these TV series and movies are made to inform us about something. In fact, there was such a plan long before 2000. Time Magazine published a cover on January 18, 1999. On the cover, Jesus is depicted walking barefoot with a cross in his right hand, with an inscription hanging on it, I guess, in Times Square.

THE END OF THE WORLD!?! Y2K insanity! Apocalypse now! Will computers melt down? Will society? A guide to MİLLENNIUM MADNESS

END OF THE WORLD !?! Y2K frenzy! Doomsday now! Will computers melt? Will there be society? A guide to MILLIUM MADNESS.

There are 322 days between the cover published by Time magazine on January 18, 1999 and the cover published on December 6, 1999. On the December 6 cover it says Jesus at 2000. It’s as if it’s announcing that Jesus will be born in 2000.


Doctor Duncan MacDougall, thinking that the soul has a physical weight, measured the mass of six patients at the time of death and tried to determine the physical weight of the soul. One in six patients lost two-quarters of an ounce, or 21.3 grams. Different results were obtained in other patients. Although there is no scientific proof, it remained a thought that the soul is 21 grams.

The film 21 Grams, released on September 5, 2003 at the Venice Film Festival, touched on this issue from a different perspective. The film is the second but most important of González Iñárritu’s death trilogy.

The movie shows the effects of a traffic accident on the three main characters. Jack Jordan crashes his car into Christina Peck’s wife and children. Christina’s husband’s heart falls on Paul Rivers, Paul searches for the man who gave his heart, and they begin to fall in love with Christina. The words Paul said at the end of the movie as he dies sums up why the movie’s title is 21 grams.

How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say that at the moment of death, we lose 21 grams. we all . So how many lives fit in 21 grams?

How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say we all lose 21 grams at the time of death. How many lives fit in 21 grams? How much is lost? When will 21 grams disappear? How much goes with it? How much is left? 21 grams. Weight of 5 coins . The weight of a hummingbird , the weight of a piece of chocolate . How much is 21 grams?

This movie has won many awards, but I think the most important and meaningful is the Independent Spirit Honor Award. The film was released at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, 2003. In the previous video, I talked about the importance of eclipses and the belief in Jesus that will come after eclipses. There are exactly 6666 days between September 5, 2003 and December 4, 2021. The film gave us the date of December 4, 2021 years ago by symbolizing Jesus or the Antichrist with the concept of 21 grams, that is, “Spirit”.

On December 20, 2003, The Economist published a cover titled “Mary, the star of both the Bible and the Koran”. On this cover, Mary had Christ in her arms. The cover, published on December 20, 2003, showed the date January 1, 2021 in a cryptic manner. The release date of the cover was prepared to be 888 weeks from the first day of the 21st Year of the 21st Century. Because the number 888 is a number that symbolizes Jesus.

It was also published 40 days before January 1, 2021, knowing the cover showing the Antichrist on November 21, 2021. The meaning of this number 40 is hidden in the belief that the time from Jesus’ resurrection to his ascension is 40 days.

The Simpsons cartoon series, published on March 15, 2009, with the name Gone Maggie Gone, begins by explaining that we have entered a new era and that it will begin with the solar eclipse. As soon as they say we are at the beginning of a new era, they show the 8 balls in the billiards game on the screen. They also drew Homer Simpson as the Vitruvian man. In the video I prepared about November 19, I explained that eclipses constitute the masonic apron. The Vitruvian man is actually a masonic drawing describing this. The number 8 is the number of the antichrist. They announce that the Antichrist will come after the eclipse. They imply the end of days is coming, with the inscription ‘END OF DAYS’ as they say the age of signs, puzzles and prophecy. There are exactly 666 weeks between this episode, which aired on March 15, 2009, and the day of the Solar eclipse on December 4.

One of the episodes of Treehouse of Horror, which is also the horror series of the Simpsons series, and also the 666th Simpsons episode contains very important secret messages. In the intro of the episode, Homer and Marge have a new child, they do not want it because it is a boy, and they take the girl whose mother died. There is a demonic power in the child and the number of the beast is sealed at 666 ten. After the intro, the episode continues with a parody of Stranger Things. The False Messiah project may emerge with some kind of creatures. There are exactly 777 days between this episode, which aired on October 20, 2019, and December 4, 2021. The number 777 represents the last day of creation and the 7 days of creation.

I’ve saved the most important for last. A cover of Time magazine and the movie The Last Call to Temptation hinted at us in 1988, knowing that this project would take place 33 years later. On August 15, 1988, Time magazine carried a photograph of Jesus, which was created by combining many photographs, on its cover. In one frame, who was Jesus? He asked his question. There are exactly 33 years and 3 months between August 15, 1988 and December 4, 2021.

Adapted from a book, The Last Temptation Christ was translated into Turkish as the Last Call to Temptation. Released on August 12, 1988, this movie is set to be 33.3 years from December 4, 2021. Willem Defoe , who played the role of Jesus in the leading role in the movie , became the Antichrist in 2009 by playing the leading role in the movie Antichrist .

Lagy Gaga’s song 911 with a ridiculous clip was released on September 18, 2020. There are exactly 442 days between September 18, 2020 and December 4, 2021. The length of the song is set to 4:42.

The movie Birds Of Prey was released in the US on February 7, 2020. There are exactly 666 days from December 4th.

The Economist put the title Reckoning on its cover on January 16, 2021, where it put Trump. There are exactly 322 days between January 16 and December 4. These messages show us that there will also be upheavals in the United States on this date.


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